lundi 15 octobre 2012

Webcomic is online!

I'm really happy to say that my first real big comic project is now online! It is orignally called "Hiver Nucléaire" but I did translate it in English as well. It will be updated every monday and it promises to be a rather long journey.

This is the original french version.
And the english translation.

Here is what it's about!
Nuclear Winter is a comedic webcomic taking place in Montreal nine years after a nuclear accident at the fictional Gentilly-3 power plant. The city, though used to rough winters, is now covered by dozens of feet of radioactive snow and under constant assault by meteorological events of unprecendented force. It is in these perpetual snowy settings that Flavie, a ski-doo courrier, makes her daily deliveries, while having to deal with mutated and eclectic urban fauna. Mixing post-apocalyptic sci-fi and historical storms, Nuclear Winter is a story about the complicated, love-hate relationship Montrealers have with winter, in a city that has the some of the most extreme annual temperature changes on the planet.

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