jeudi 3 mars 2011

Projet Underton short comic - WIP 01

Exceptional english post!

I've been working on a comic for about a month now. I asked around and it seems that some want to see 'in progress' shots. Now, the pictures don't do justice to the finished product at all. The sketches are messy and filled with construction lines--in other words, awesome. For those who don't know, my main inspiration for the last couple of years has been the fictional universe I created for myself, a city that features eveything I like, old architecture doubled with excessive vintage advertisement. Think of it as a mix between Montreal in the 50's, New York and Hong Kong. I reached a point where I could just get rid of the characters and draw backgrounds forever but it'd be hard to get a plot across. So here's four cropped panels, at their earliest stage. I hope you like them and will come back for some more updates!

3 commentaires:

Patch a dit…

Je viens de réaliser à quel point une certaine game commence à me manquer. Ça fait quelques années qu’on a arrêté, mais j’ai encore tellement plein d’idées...


Vencys_lao a dit…

It's been a while that I follow your work on Deviant.
Great colors, composition, and your stile-line is Awesome!

This post are amazing.
I Like the sketches and the assumption scenarios.

I hope see more about that late.
See ya!

Admin a dit…

it is been a marvellous creative work all through...